Orthopedic Associates, Ltd.
Our Practice

Sign inOrthopedic Associates has been serving Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County and the surrounding area for more than 35 years.  The practice was established in Waynesboro, Virginia in 1976 by Dr. Charles F. Andersen and Dr. Ronald Rau.  It quickly built a reputation for providing the highest quality of orthopedic care.  Through the years, the practice has grown and recruited additional physicians who are committed to this objective.  In 1995, when the medical office building for Augusta Health was completed, we made the move to Fishersville and still reside there today.  As always, our goal is to provide patients of all ages with the best possible orthopedic care.  To accomplish this task, we have six orthopedic surgeons and a certified physician assistant available:  Dr. Kenneth A. Boatright, Dr. Thomas R. Pereles,
Dr. Jack F. Otteni, Dr. Ramon C. Esteban, Dr. Daniel Brian Dean,
Dr. Clark C. Baumbusch and Mr. Franklin A. Fisher, PA-C.